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Innovations need forward thinkers

PE Handelsgesellschaft Im- u. Export mbH sponsors innovative scaffolders. . .

Scaffolding is safe

Innovation in scaffolding needs forward thinkers. Never before has the future had to be kept in mind more carefully when developing new business ideas than before. The everyday needs of people and/or the high demands of the industry are the companions. The service is therefore changeable and its potential is far from exhausted. For scaffolders, innovations are an opportunity for positive scaffolding, right from the start.

We, PE Handelsgesellschaft Im- u Export GmbH, promote this type of innovation through good sponsoring using technologies of outstanding performance that want to establish themselves in the competition of scaffolders existing on the market.

Scaffolding on a global stage will become the standard in the future and invites you to think ahead. 

World Health Organization

The idea of a World Health Organization was formulated in 1945 in San Francisco as part of the founding conference of the United Nations there. Following the International Health Conference from June 19th to 22nd, this constitution of the World Health Organization, which took place after long negotiations, was passed in New York on July 22nd, 1946, and 61 states signed it. It came into force as a "Specialized Agency" and today bears the abbreviation WHO. 

PE Handelsgesellschaft Im- und Export mbH is able to mediate such connections both nationally and internationally with the appropriate CV.


PE Handelsgesellschaft Im- und Export mbH cooperates and promotes such through sponsoring.  

HIGHTECH, window construction and PE

High-tech and window construction were often postulated as impossible in the early days. But these old habits of judgment have long since been forgotten and are no longer valid.

Modern window builders are up to date thanks to selected high-tech processes. These high-tech innovations determine the market today and also protect users from heat loss and at the same time promote well-being at an attractive price.


PE Handelsgesellschaft Im- und Export mbH promotes both this innovative further development and promotes the purchase of such items via its own PE procurement procurement agency. The PE digital internationalization now makes this possible.   

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