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We are the team. . .


with a clear focus on independent and partnership-based expertise to promote small and medium-sized businesses. In doing so, we meet both the requirements of flexibility, the demands of reliability, the guarantee of price stability and the defect-free delivery of the requested services. All this;​

​​. . .  with fair conditions.

with us it is possible. We want fair conditions to value the service. Do not insist on dumping and or cheap goods or cheap services. But with fair conditions for competitions. We are convinced that these fundamentals stand for long-lasting and prosperous partnerships and that stability and growth are based on them. We as a TEAM are convinced of that.

​. . . with great partnerships.
we have ridden well for many years and have no interest in changing this. We assure each of these partners reliable and stable company characteristics. Our employees are skilled workers with many years of experience who know their trade and can do it for you. That's what we stand for.




Looking for a model vehicle with remote control for a small private research project. This is the opportunity to participate in a private team in a leisure activity and to have fun and have fun with a new thing._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ 

Service robots are on the rise


The growth of autonomous robots in the service industry is undisputed. These so-called service robots are inevitably on the rise and will open up these market areas at an explosive rate of increase.


Charly & Rhino Holding BV


The company is based in the Netherlands as Holding BV and is a strategic partner for PE.

HIGHTEC CONTAINER. There they are now. We, too, have moved in with this. We rely on these HIGHTEC containers on our transporters. Because today they are able to communicate with each other in one language in order to determine when the specifics of the cargo properties need to be dealt with and when unnecessary empty freight can be avoided. 


TPS Trommer Property Solutions GmbH  


The construction company with 35 years of construction activity. The sophisticated digitization in the construction process makes it affordable for the client.



The process steps for the HIGHTEC products encounter regulations, requirements, isolation and other regulations when the transport of such is to be considered. Especially in the area of import and export, this becomes particularly clear. This cannot be accomplished without such compliance.


PE Subsidiaries

Please request the partnership participations of the subsidiaries in writing.

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