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PE Handelsgesellschaft im- u Export mbH is breaking new ground with the digitalization offensive. It is the first  company in Germany which makes so-called PE certificates for PE data rooms (DE,NL,CH,FR, etc. following) available to medium-sized companies (SMEs) for a fee in Europe. The "owner" of a PE  certificate (here: Datenraum-NL) receives the article delivery referred to therein for  the detailed properties (product autonomy) guaranteed therein. See pattern. 

PE certificate data room NL

SKU: 4202206261407
  • PE Handelsgesellschaft Im- u Export mbH is breaking new ground in the "digitization" offensive. The trading company, which has been working in Germany since 1988, has been processing so-called "requirement inquiries" from customers, authorities, manufacturers, etc. for many decades secured, insured. The PE certificate is the 100% guarantee certificate of the defect-free product delivery.  

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